About us

Gertjan Vlaar (1985)

Education: Architecture Academy of Architecture Amsterdam (2014)

In 2008, well before his graduation, Gertjan started working in the role of architect together with Wouter Butzelaar (1960) on various projects, such as care complexes, student residences in Amsterdam, libraries and an urban development plan in Purmerend. Just like Wouter, Gertjan approaches each assignment from often surprising angles in order to arrive at an optimally functioning building design that fits the context in an undogmatic way.

Gertjan is an enthusiastic energetic architect, who masters craftsmanship down to the last detail. Because of his extensive experience and as a team player, he knows how to bind the stakeholders.

Mobile Gertjan: +316 -45 37 03 42

Wouter Butzelaar (1960)

Education: Architecture Delft University of Technology (1988)

After graduating, Wouter started working as an architect with Peter de Clercq Zubli (1932 - 2014). During this period (until 1994) he worked on extensive projects in Amsterdam, such as the Rembrandt Tower, Mondria Offices, Nissan European Headquarters, the Okura Hotel and various residential towers.

After five years of fruitful collaboration, Wouter decided in 1993 to set up his own office with numerous housing projects in his portfolio. In 1998 Wouter entered into a partnership with Max van Son (1961), an exciting period during which the architectural firm grew with various school projects, housing complexes and the Dakpark in Rotterdam to become the top 25 (2011) of most productive firms in the Netherlands. Gertjan Vlaar (1985) joined the partnership in 2014.

Wouter is characterized as a true entrepreneurial architect with a very creative mind and an extensive network of real estate related parties.

Mobile Wouter: +316 -51 06 04 44

Butzelaar CS, Architects

What are we good at?

Butzelaar CS Architects has been active in the market as an architectural firm for more than 25 years with many innovative projects. In the first place we are creators; we create ideas, connections, possibilities, collaborations; we do this through our programmatic and spatial concepts.

Communication is of paramount importance to us; you make a good project together. We are accustomed to working together with governments, developers, investors, landowners, end users but also with representatives of various interest groups.

A lot has been published nationally and internationally about the architectural firm and its projects. Completed projects and designs by our hand can be found throughout the country. Our field of work is broad; from urban planning, living, working, learning, accommodation, care related, logistics, industry, recreation to interiors of public buildings. We don't shy away from any job.

We work from sketch to working drawing, both in Autocad and in Revit. We do this with a team of designers with whom our agency works on a flexible basis. In addition, our broad network enables us to approach the right advisors for the successful elaboration of every conceivable task. Together with our client, we assess what is needed to achieve a successful end result.

But above all we are flexible; we love new challenges. Thanks to our broad network, we always know how to find a suitable answer to new challenges.