JJ Hamelinkstraat

20 care apartments with communal facilities in Haarlem.
Realization: 2023

MFA Velserbroek

Design process for a socio-cultural multipurpose facility

Zorgwoningen de Breepeper

Conversion of 3 group homes into 18 care apartments and communal facilities in Beverwijk.
Realization: 2022


Reallocation of a former monastery and school to 257 student residences with facilities in Maastricht.
Realisation: 2020

Gezondheids- centrum DWK

Incorporation of Diagnostic Center, Physical Therapy, General Practitioner, Obstetrics and Dentistry, among others, over several floors.
Realization: 2021


De Rokerij

Design for 46 apartments in 5 building volumes on a semi-sunken parking garage in Noordwijk.

Den Haag Fruithaven

Urban design for approx. 350 homes, parking and neighbourhood facilities.

Bedrijfsgebouw Harnaschpolder

Design for 3 industrial halls and associated double floor office volume in The Hague.

Purmerend Wherepark

Urban design for 212 dwellings, in a new city park, parking and an apartment building.
Realisation: 2018


Combination project of 12 owner-occupied apartments and 16 care apartments with communal facilities in Haarlem.
Realisation: 2019

Appartementen Wherepark

Design for residential building with 36 apartments and storerooms in Purmerend.
Realisation: 2017

NN kantoor

Study to reallocate the Nationale Nederlanden office building to housing facilities in Eden

SHV Jacques Veltmanstraat

New building containing 419 student houses and associated facilities in Amsterdam.
Realization: 2016

Appartementen Kruisweg

Study for 91 houses on commercial plinth in Hoofddorp.

De Weid

Combination project of 14 owner-occupied apartments and 25 care apartments with communal facilities in Castricum.
Realisation: 2015


Graduation project by Gertjan Vlaar to the reallocation of the Central Market Hall on the Foodcenter site in Amsterdam to Hotelschool, market, catering and event garden.


De Randweg

Design of an apartment complex consisting of 15 care homes with communal facilities.
Realization: 2013

Stadsbank Zuid-Oost

Renovation of Stadsbank van Lening Subsidiary Amsterdamse Poort.


Care apartments around communal garden situated above supermarket extension in IJmuiden.

Parkboulevard Luifel

Study for 800 meters long canopy to enrich the Parkboulevard project in Rotterdam.


Design for a shopping centre, car park and roof park on the site of a former shunting yard.
Realisation: 2011

College de Meer

Design for secondary school in Oost-Watergraafsmeer Amsterdam.
Realisation: 2010


Aletta Jacobs Huisvesting

Design for 555 independent student houses in Amsterdam Nieuw West.

IKTC Huisvesting

Youth housing for different target groups in 4 building volumes in Zaandam.
Realisation: 2009

Dubai Symbol

Competition for the design of a 'Tall Enblem Structure'. Project proposal consisting of a vertical park (green lung) and falconry museum.

Parnassia school

Design for new construction of a practical school of approx. 3600 m2 in Amsterdam.
Realisation: 2009

Sail Towers

Study for combination building in Rotterdam consisting of Subtropical swimming paradise, catering and residential program on top of a triple floor parking garage.

Stadsbank Osdorp

Renovation of Stadsbank van Lening Branch Osdorperplein.

Harbour hotel

Study for a hotel with facilities and parking garage at the Entrepothaven in Amsterdam.

Uitbreiding HLZ

Design for underground sports facilities to expand the Hervormd Lyceum Zuid in Amsterdam.
Realisation: 2005

Industrieel Kennis en Technologie Centrum

Combination of technical secondary vocational education and business collection building in Zaandam.
Realisation: 2004



Design for offices and hotel facilities in Qing Dao (China).

Uitbreiding Huijgenscollege

Extension and topping-up of existing school building in Amsterdam.
Realisation: 2004


Design of 10 ground-connected patio houses in Saendelft
Realisation: 2003

De Poort

Design of office building with parking facilities in Amsterdam Zuid-Oost.
Realisation: 2002

Boomerang Building

Design for a hotel,- office,- showroom,- sports,- combination building in the area of The Hague.

School Saendelft

Combination project of 2 primary schools, childcare and apartments.
Realisation: 2002

V Tower

Design for high-rise on the Kop van Zuid in Rotterdam consisting of hotel, office, shop and conference program.


Design for large-scale office complex in The Hague.

Prins Bernhardkade

Design for new construction of luxury apartments in Hillegersberg.
Realisation: 2000

Renovatie Flatgebouwen

Renovation of the entrance of several apartment buildings in Heemskerk.
Realisation: ca. 2001


AH en Bibliotheek

Design of library in combination with supermarket and parking garage.
Realisation: 1998

Senioren huisvesting

Design for senior apartments in Rosmalen.
Realisation: 1999

Woonwijk Rosmalen

Urban plan for a neighbourhood with ground-level housing in Rosmalen.
Realisation: 1999


Design of apartment building with shop plinth at the stationsweg in Tiel.
Realisation: 1998

't Winckeltje

Design for interior design of retail space.
Realisation: ca. 1996


Project for 9 apartments in historicizing style on the Parklaan in Haarlem.
Realisation: 1997

Keizersgracht 489

Project for 9 apartments in historicizing style on the Parklaan in Haarlem.
Realisation: 1997

Groenburgwal 30

Reallocation to 6 apartments in a monumental building on the Groenburgwal in Amsterdam.
Realisation: ca. 1996

1e Helmerstraat

Project for 5 independent apartments in Amsterdam Oud-West.
Realization: 1994

Bloemgracht 10

Project for 5 independent apartments instead of a transformer house on the historic Bloemgracht in Amsterdam.
Realisation: 1995



Project for 27 independent apartments on the Huidekoperstraat in Amsterdam.
Realisation: 1994

Zeeweg Ziekenhuis

Urban design study for housing on the former Zeeweg Hospital site in IJmuiden.

4 Woontorens

Design by ZZ+P Architects for 4 apartment buildings on the Amsterdam Rijnkanaal in Diemen Noord.
Realisation: ca. 1993

De Omval

Urban plan by ZZ+P Architects consisting of office towers and apartments on the Amstel in Amsterdam.
Realization: ca. 1992

Olympisch stadion

Design by ZZ+P Architects for the renovation and redevelopment of the Olympic stadium in Amsterdam.
Realisation: ca. 1991


Nissan kantoor

Design by ZZ+P Architects for the European headquarters of Nissan in Amsterdam.
Realization: ca. 1990

Canon Europe

Design by ZZ+P Architects for the expansion of the European headquarters in Amstelveen.
Realisation: ca. 1991

Okura hotel

Design by ZZ+P Architects for the renovation and upgrading of the Okura Hotel in Amsterdam.
Realisation: ca. 1991

Laboratoria Hoogovens

Competition of ZZ+P Architects for loboratoria of the Hoogovens in IJmuiden.

Appartementen Hilversum

Design by ZZ+P Architects for a luxury apartment building in Hilversum.

Uitbreiding Stedelijk museum

Graduation project of Wouter Butzelaar and Max van Son on the extension of the Stedelijk Museum in Amsterdam.


Contest entry from ZZ+P Architects for the Gasunie head office in Groningen.
Realisation: ca. 1989

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